This is a fairly common scam, but it has many different versions.

If you use safelists in your marketing or even spend a lot of time online, I am posting this for you. There is an online scam where you (the intended victim) suddenly find yourself looking at an official looking webpage (It could look like it came from Microsoft or your Internet Provider) with a loud and repeating warning that your system has been infected with some sort of virus. Furthermore, it instructs you to call a number to have it removed. It can be a little difficult to stop depending on which Windows version you are using. It attempts to download a prgram to lock your computer. Windows 7 seems to be vulnerable to this while Windows 10 less so.

I can’t stress this enough, DON’T CALL THAT NUMBER AND DON’T PANIC! It’s all a scam! It works something like this: If you call the number, you will be connected to a “call center” masquerading as the service the page represents. you will then be asked to download a team viewer program. Once downloaded, you will then connect to the representative’s computer. Once done, he will “analyze” your computer to “fix” the problem. In reality, he or she is scanning your computer files for your financial and personal information. There are a number of videos on youtube about this.

To clear the page and the annoying alarm hit the ESC key (You may have to do it more than once). In some cases, you may have to shut down your pc. Also, to be on the safe side, You can log off and run your virus scanner just to make sure. (I can’t emphasize the importance of keeping your virus scanners up to date).

It is important to remember that these pages are set up to get you to panic. To the uninformed, they can be very effective. It is important that you do not panic.

The reason I post this is to warn everyone of these pages and what NOT to do. I have run across these pages a number of times during my surfing.

For Your Safety and Success!

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